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Over 5000 downloads and over 1500 daily users

Our little firefox addon has gained in reach and knocked down some nice growth numbers again! Seerobots was now downloaded from Mozilla over 5000 times and during the week it has over 1500 active users daily.

We are relly happy about those numbers and think they are quite good for a niche firefox plugin.

It is also interesting to see the development over time:

  • August, 1st 2010: Launch
  • September, 9th 2010: reached 500 daily users after app. 5 weeks
  • December, 7th 2010: reached the next 500 daily active users after app. 8 weeks
  • and today after app. another 12 weeks we have reached the next 500 active daily users

Not exactly "expoential growth" or anything, ey? ;-) We are still happy with the result. Maybe the next update and a smart PR move can get some more speed into our usage stats? :-) Who has some good suggestions for us how we can spread the word about Seerobots

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