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Seerobots now available on Chrome

SeeRobots is now available on Google Chrome:

After installation, SeeRobots will appear on the right side of your chrome address bar and looks like this:

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LinkParser is now available on Chrome

You can get LinkParser now for Chrome as well over here. Enjoy. We are thankfull for gut reviews of Linkparser in the Chrome Web Store! ;-)

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Linkparser is fully reviewed by Mozilla

Woohooo! It took a while and we had to correct quite a few mistakes but our link evaluation and counting Firefox Addon has now been fully reviewed at Mozilla. Go and get it at! Have fun!

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Seerobots ready for Firefox 5 (and more)

Finally Seerobots got an update for Mozilla's Firefox 5 - it was only something simple. Also we fixed a little issue with the initialization while opening, changing or selecting a tab. Nice to know: the Firefox Add-ons team confirmed the compatibility with the upcoming versions of their browser:

"Good news! Our automated tests did not detect any compatibility issues with your add-on Seerobots and Firefox 7.*. We've updated your add-on's compatibility to work with Firefox 7.* so that our Aurora users can begin using your add-on."

The next update that will hopefully follow soon will include some changes in usabilty and more options for variability. So keep on following Seerobots on Facebook and Twitter :)

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LinkParser 1.2 Release Notes

Even though LinkParser is still featured as an experimental release on Mozilla we decided that two important features can not wait until it is fully reviewed.

Links im Images Maps

Previously links

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Linkparser experimental

Our new Firefox Plugin Linkparser made it into experimental mode on Mozilla

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LinkParser – a link analysis Firefox addon

Download directly at MozillaAfter nearly 7.000 downloads of Seerobots @ Mozilla we are proudly presenting our second free Firefox addon. It helps you analyze and identify different kinds of links very fast. You can find some screenshot and use cases at It has been freshly released on Mozilla and is now waiting to be tested. If you like Link Parser please do not hesitate an become a fan of Linkparser @ Facebook

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Over 5000 downloads and over 1500 daily users

Our little firefox addon has gained in reach and knocked down some nice growth numbers again! Seerobots was now downloaded from Mozilla over 5000 times and during the week

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Seerobots at OMCap 2010 Berlin

Our little robot visited the online marketing capital, an online marketing event in berlin last week. We had made some flyers with infos about our plugin and a lot of people that using this addon came up to us and said that they are very happy to use this easy and useful tool. During the evening the comic illustrator Flix has drawn a caricature called "Wimmelbild". Our funny robot became a (small) part of this picture (post pic)! To get more impressions of this event look at the official recap...

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Seerobots Feature on

Marcus Tandler aka. Mediadonis of the newly founded online marketing consulting company Tandler Doerje & kindly featured Seerobots with a gues post on his blog. We strongly recommend to read it because we have described some use cases of Seerobots over there. Again: Thanks a lot, Marcus!

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