Another useful webdevelopment and SEO firefox extension


So far only the the first version of the Seerobots Firefox Addon is released and we allready have all kinds of ideas for additional features, optioins and improvements. If you have something on your mind you think we did not think of before please use the comment field below.

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  1. A little suggestion: could you make it use less real estate in the status bar, for those of us with lots of other extensions?

  2. Such a useful plug-in – thanks guys :)

    Perhaps make a pop-up down on the status bar to help use space better, but I would most like to see an indication of whether there is a rel=canonical on the page, and the option to click on the indicator to see a tooltip of what Url is in the canonical tag.

  3. Should not be modifying html inside forms.

  4. What about Firefox 5 support?

  5. when aprox. is seerobots ready for firefox 5?

  6. Erstmal “Danke” für das tolle Plugin. Eine Frage hab ich: Ist ein Update für FF5 geplant? :)


  7. When do you plan to release Seerobots for Firefox 5? Love it, need it :)

  8. When I have linkparser (chrome) enabled inpage images are “muted”. It’s like their is a opaque layer in front of them. Any way of stopping that? Firefox version doesn’t do it and it makes an otherwise excellent extension useless to me :(

  9. I love it for Chrome. But whenever I enable the extension, it fades the page. Please, correct this.

  10. hilfreiches Tool eigentlich. Nur schade, dass die gesamte Websietendarstellung im Chrome wie mit einem Schleier überzogen wird. Die Seite wird etwas heller “gefaded”. Hab das Plugin wieder entfernt, weil mich das total genervt hat.

  11. Can we remove the advertisements from the layer over each webpage please? Its so annoying

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