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Linkparser experimental

Our new Firefox Plugin Linkparser made it into experimental mode on Mozilla so now it looks like this:

Unfortunaltely it is not free of errors yet. We will have to go back to the shed and work on it again

Your add-on, LinkParser 1.0, has been reviewed by an editor and did not meet the criteria for full review. However, your add-on has been granted preliminary review and is now available for download in our gallery at

Little Spark

This version didn't pass full review because:

1) On tab selection, the statusbarpanel (id=LinkParser-statusbar) didn't update to reflect the status of the current page. And on right-clicking the icon, both menupopup id="statusBarContext" and the Options page showed up.

2) All XUL ids (statusBarColor, statusBarContext, statusBarParse) need to be uniquely named to prevent conflicts with other add-ons that may be installed by users. A good way is to prefix them like what was done for your other ids, i.e. "LinkParser-statusBarColor".

3) There is an undeclared variable "parsedURL" (LinkParser.js, Line 260) leaking to the global scope.

4) On opening preferences (options.xul), error console logged:
- Error: statusBarColor is null (LinkParser.js, Line 349)
- Error: gBrowser is not defined (LinkParser.js, Line 380)

5) Only Firefox versions that have been tested on and that you can give support to are to be included. This version doesn't work on Firefox 2.0. Error console logged: No chrome package registered for chrome://linkparser/content/browser.xul.

6) Use the prefwindow element ( to manage your preferences (options.xul). Not only is it more portable for the different platforms, it can also save you coding time and save us time reviewing your codes.

7) The following code is not needed:
window.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function () {
gBrowser.addEventListener("load", LinkParser.init, true);
}, false);

Your add-on will now appear in search results and categories with some limitations. You may re-request full review by addressing the editor's comments and uploading a new version. To learn more about the review process, please visit

If you have any questions or comments on this review, please reply to this email or join #addons on

And that is not all of it. Mozilla even says we have some compatibility issues :-( See for yourself

Well. We'll get back as soon as there is a fresh new release that is without errors hopefully.

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