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Over 3000 downloads and over 1000 active daily users

3 month ago we were at 500 active daily users
and just now the official Mozilla statistic tool has some great news for us! We have cracked the 1000 active daily Seerobots users barrier and growth does not seem to be slowing

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Seerobots for Powerpoint Presentations

Are you giving presentations at SEO or other conferences every now and then? Do you like and

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Advertising Seerobots on Facebook

We had some spare budgets and did some experimental advertising on facebook for Seerobots. Here is our campaign data completle exposed. Article in German though.

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Seerobots art-ified

At the A4UExpo last week in London one guy did some live drawing and anyone could add in "trends" and ideas. Seerobots got lucky and was included in the litte piece of art

the whole picture

see robots http meta xrobots

What do you think of that? Cute?

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Seerobots reaches 500+ daily users

Youhou! We have posted some usage stats in the past when the plugin wasn't even public. Now we ware able to promote it a bit and we are quite happy with the usage so far. Yesterday was the first time we

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Seerobots 0.2.5 – out now!

Since monday you can get the newest version of our plugin from mozilla addon directory. We have changed some style issues for users with windows xp and windows vista. Beyond that we fixed the problem with Mac OS and the firefox options window by clicking on the statusbar icon. We try to develop the next version as soon as possible (e.g. robots.txt support)...

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Seerobots Version 0.2: more customizable & colorfull

We are happy to annonce that Version 0.2 of Seerobots is available! Here's what's new

  • You can now decide wether you want to see Meta-Robots, X-Robots or both
  • You can now decide wether you want to see index vs. noindex, follow vs. nofollow or both
  • What is important is highlighted colorfully

Here's a visual preview

Right now Seerobots Version 0.2 is still in the sandbox but we hope it will be reviewed and easy to download very soon.

Update 22:00
Comments: Your update has been approved. Thanks!

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Yes! We’re public!

We habe just gotten some great news from Mozilla. Our litte tool is now

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The first few weeks

To us (less-experienced) add-on developers it seems our little Seerobots is liked well so far. As

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Same functions but more likable

Seerobots Logo The Seerobots did neither get new functionalities nor did it get any better or faster! We

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