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The first few weeks

To us (less-experienced) add-on developers it seems our little Seerobots is liked well so far. As any new add-on it is still “in the sandbox” which means you can’t download it only by a click but instead you have to register with Mozilla first. Of course this is a bit of a “conversion killer” ;-) In spite oft this hurdle and the lack of really active promotion of our Firefox extension we have managed to get some downloads and active users. Here how it looks in the developers stats:

It seems that the number of active users is growing from week to week. Yipie! :-) Also obviously Seerobots is „good for work“ only. It is not so much used on weekends as you can see.

Also we have nominated it for being public at Mozilla but it seems it will take a while for it to have it’s turn. There is more than another 150 other plug-ins waiting for the same thing. :-(

We are currently working on version 0.2 that will be a lot more customizable. As soon as this new version is ready we will promote the little tool a bit more openly and actively.

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